Tattoo Artist - Painter


How much do you charge?

I have an hourly rate of $150/hr.  As I do mostly larger pieces, I have a $150 minimum but prefer sessions of 4 hours or more.

How does the process work to get tattooed by you?

1.     Set up a consultation with me on my site, pick a day that works for you.  You are required to input your card information but it will not charge you unless you cancel less than 24 hours before the appointment or don’t show up to your appointment (at that time you will be charged a $100 cancelation fee). 

2.     At our consultation, we will discuss your ideas and visions of your piece.  I will brainstorm with you in order to come up with a unique piece specifically for you.  I take a $100 deposit which goes towards the last session of the tattoo.  I book you up for your tattoo appointment and then I design your piece.

How do I take care of my tattoo?

In short, keep it clean, out of the sun, and moisturized with cocoa butter or an equivalent natural ointment.  I don’t like ointments with petroleum in them as they tend to clog up your pores and suffocates the tattoo if applied too heavily.  Better to avoid them all together. Get more detailed information about aftercare here.

May I set up a consultation without going into the studio?

Yes, we can do a consultation via facetime if you are traveling to get tattooed or are unable to meet at the studio, although meeting in person is always preferred as we can get a better feel and collaboration started face to face.  Select the facetime option to do so while booking your consultation.

May I tan after getting a tattoo?

Do not go tanning for at least 4 weeks after getting your tattoo.  Keep the tattoo out of direct sunlight until your tattoo is completely healed.  Once the 4 weeks are past, use sunscreen on your tattoos as tanning and sun are incredibly bad for tattoos. 

How long before I can go swimming after getting my tattoo?

Do not submerge a tattoo for at least 2 weeks after getting your tattoo. 

Do I get to see my design before our appointment?

99% of the creative process happens leading up to the design.  Trust me, as an artist, once we meet for your consultation and talk about your piece I won’t be able to stop thinking about it.  I have thought about angles, lighting, and mood for your piece for hours before I even start fleshing the design out.  I gather photos, take my own reference photos, build/gather props, go on amazon shopping sprees to get the materials needed to create your unique piece.  Therefore, the last 1% is only done a day or two before your appointment. Even then, at your scheduled tattoo appointment, we can make any of the tweaks necessary to get your design perfectly to your liking.  Most of my clients enjoy the surprise of seeing their piece the day of but if you would like to see your piece beforehand, let me know.