As a child,  I always drew and had an interest in art, but never knew if doing what I loved for a living was a possibility.  Art has always been similar to meditation for me, calming me down and allowing me to lose track of time.  Like many adolescents, I was told that it wouldn’t “pay the bills”, but I have never been one to give up. I have always been one to dream big.  I realized I could make a living at it when I discovered tattooing, and continuing to travel the world as I develop my artistic skills

I love realistic representational artwork  such as David Leffel, Sargent, Rembrandt, Jeff Watts, Casey Baugh and the list goes on and on.   I try to mold my art around an expressive, realistic style. While continuing my career as a tattoo artist, I strive to develop my skills further as a painter and sketch artist. I believe tattooing and painting are one in the same-- just different canvasses and mediums. In the future, I plan to travel more this year for painting workshops around the U.S and various guest spots and tattoo conventions. In the future I hope to eventually have my art displayed in more galleries across the U.S.

I work at Old Larimer Street Tattoo in Denver, CO.  When I am not engaged in art, whether painting and tattooing, I enjoy playing chess and extreme action sports.